Platea's main hall is suitable for all types of events including concerts, theatrical performances, corporate conferences, team building events, gala dinners, trade shows, product launches, VIP events, and executive retreats. It is also the perfect place to host engagement parties, weddings, birthday parties and even sporting events! The flexibility of the main hall allows us to customize the space to accommodate your event needs. The dimensions, features, and facilities of Platea's main hall are as follows:


4000sqm of event space - can accommodate 3000 seated, 10,000 standing, and 2,500 for dinner
300sqm sliding rooftop above stage 10 female W.C. (inc. 1 handicapped)
10 male W.C. (inc. 1 handicapped)

Height of 15,50 meters
300sqm hydraulic platform that can hold up to 100 tons, and travel for a length of 10 meters from the workshop, to the level of the main hall, and then 3 meters above the stage
600sqm Kitchen

800sqm stage, 1000sqm backstage Suspended catwalk for lighting and sound 800sqm control room